Jack and mindful eating plus new summer student at SVR


Jack was back on the trail today, enjoying his favourite pastime, eating.  He munches as we walk along and I break branches off the trail. We call it informal mindful practices or dual awareness, being present to the ride, yet engaging in a pleasurable activity.   Also new at SVR, Michelle Arsenault is. Our first summer student, helping us develop our Rythmic riding participant manual and helping us become better organized with our handout materials.  Michelle is starting her Masters program in psychology in September. Welcome Michelle, we hope you enjoy your experience with us at SVR.

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Visiting new friends


Jacob and Rain were off to Montague today to help launch the library’s summer reading program. They met lots of new friends and did not mind the big fire truck parked next to their pen.


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Jack’s Day Off

Today Jack and I went riding with our Canadian friends, Gypsy and Bailey out in Hunter River.  3 hours of riding on beautiful trails help Jack remember that apart from being a therapy horse, he can also enjoy just being mindful and active on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Jack is at the back, so we just see his head.  Enjoy the weekend!


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More mud…and peat moss

Today  work towards getting the garden going continued by a visit to the peat moss plant in Miscouche.  Horse trailer full of peat moss bags and Ram full of mud. One more step towards the second year of gardening at Serene View Ranch. Remember, volunteers always welcome and we may have room for a few of your tomato plants. Stay tuned for more gardening stories


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The labyrinth part 2

Last year, we were fortunate enough to have Olivia Dolphin and her dad build us a labyrinth. We used it all summer, but it never really got finished.  This spring, we are at it again.  Perennials will be planted around the perimeter, rocks placed for the borders and black mulch placed to walk the path. Our clients are welcome to walk the labyrinth now. It may be useful  to bring gardening gloves to help pull the weeds and a few stones to help build the path.  Okay, it may not look like much now, but we will get there. Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination.

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When combat vets feel guilt and as if they don’t belong

It’s that heaviness deep in your chest. That gaping void where part of who you were before is permanently gone. It’s the sense of having done things that can never be undone, a burden o…

Source: When combat vets feel guilt and as if they don’t belong

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What is a Labyrinth?

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