Mindful Warriors Rhythmic Riding 2

IMG_1571.JPGDue to the demand for more equine assisted psychotherapy on horseback, Serene View Ranch introduced, this January, the Mindful Warriors Rhythmic Riding 2 Program. This eight-week group program offers clients who completed the Mindful Warriors Rhythmic Riding 1 program, the opportunity to deepen the skills they learned in the first program.  Emphasis on self regulation, relationship building with the horse, Mindfulness and an introduction to Horsemanship and Trail obstacles as part of the programming. Horsemanship is a technique used in horse training as a way to develop the relationship between the rider and the horse while working with the horse on the ground. Indoor Trail Obstacles helps riders develop better dual awareness and self regulation skills as they work on maneuvering their horse through safe obstacles in the arena. The clinical team including Philip, Caroline and Emily are offering this program and are hopeful that we will soon have a treatment manual to accompany the program.

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Wonderful day to be outside-the calm before the storm

IMG_1567.JPGWhat a day to be outside. I hope everyone got to enjoy it. The outdoors is so good for our mental health. Rambo and I decided to explore the neighbourhood, ending up at the second highest point on PEI, right here in Alexandra.

As another storm approaches, we will start to use the CBC Storm Centre Website. For all our clients who wonder if we are open, please visit the site. We will try to get our closure announcement on around 7 am. You can also contact your individual psychologist through text or email. Stay warm and safe.

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New psychologist on staff

SVR is very happy to announce that we have a new psychologist that has joined our team.  Alan Kostyniuk has been working with Caroline for six years as a support therapist during his summer stays on PEI.  He has decided to join us this January and offer his professional services on a full time basis.  Alan will be focusing on offering EMDR to our clients, a form of evidence based psychotherapy that helps clients process traumatic material.   You can find a great Youtube video about EMDR on EMDR 20/20 Report.  Alan will also be offering his services to couples as his background has seen him work quite extensively with this population.

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Exploring the New trails at SVR


This morning, GG and Doodle were out exploring the new walking/riding trails that Jim has been working on for the ranch. Clients and their families, including the four legged ones are welcome to walk in the quiet and private trail system that we are gradually developing.

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Grand Opening of the new trails at SVR


Tonight, my very best friends were out to celebrate the opening of the new trails at Serene View Ranch.  Jim has been working hard this summer to get our walking/riding trails open for all our clients to enjoy. Tonight was the inaugural ride and I have to admit, it was very nice, very little mosquitoes and beautiful scenery. We will be installing signs soon so clients will be able to follow the trails.


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New for Rythmic Riding graduates


We are very happy to announce that SVR has a new volunteer, Emily Hart. Emily will be offering Caring for a Horse, a weekly session on all aspects of horse care, from brushing to proper saddle fit, leading a horse and feeding.  These sessions will be open to all clients who have completed the 8 week Rythmic Riding program at SVR.  No need to register, it will be a drop in, but we would appreciate a confirmation of interest so we know how many horses to bring into the arena.  This program will start on Thursday July 21 at 4pm and will be ongoing on Thursdays at 4.  Please see our support team for a short bio on Emily.  Welcome Emily to SVR!

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