About Us

Caroline had been working in a solo practice private office for over 15 years, focusing on assessing and treating first responders and veterans.  Over 4 years ago, a  team was gradually brought together with the goal of providing comprehensive psychological and other health services to clients.  The team brings together individuals who have expertise in their respective fields, focus on trauma informed care  and who have a good understanding the importance of  multidisciplinary approaches and services.

As it can be challenging to find the professionals that work with the varying aspects of trauma symptoms and issues,  the team was carefully chosen and receive ongoing training in order to provide evidence based and cutting edge therapies to clients.  Much of the training that is received by the clinicians at Serene View Ranch is offered outside of Canada or through specialized certification. We offer a diversity of professionals including four registered psychologists, an assessment clinician, four equine specialists, an occupational therapist, a clinical social worker, an acupuncturist, a trauma sensitive yoga instructor and a registered nurse. Each member of the team has proven to be leaders in their profession and have a dedication to working with people with mental health issues, especially those that are trauma-related.

Each member of the team is committed to providing the best possible services to clients by working within a case management model (team looking at various aspects of a client’s needs), focusing on ongoing professional development and training and working actively with the referring agencies.

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