Welcome to Serene View Ranch

Logo3Welcome to Serene View Ranch located on a private, 125-acres in Alexandra, Prince Edward Island. The ranch opened its doors in October, 2014. We offer a wide range of professional and confidential psychological and health related services, including equine-assisted psychotherapy. Our main focus is  assessing and treating trauma and PTSD in the general population, but mostly  first responders and veterans.

Our team, led by Caroline LeBlanc, Registered Psychologist, has been collaborating on providing evidence based and trauma informed mental health and health services over the past two years in order to provide services to meet the individualized needs of our clients at this beautiful rural setting at Serene View Ranch.

We invite you to read through our website, view photos and ask any questions you may have on our professional services, either on your own behalf or on the behalf of a family member or a friend. We are here to offer you guidance to ensure you or a loved-one receives a best-suited assessment and/or psychotherapy.

We believe that to restore and maintain our mental health, clinical interventions for both the mind and body are required to achieve a healthy life balance. Moving away from a traditional clinical office setting and into the countryside, Serene View Ranch provides a relaxing and serene setting for wellness and healing.  At Serene View Ranch, we offer, among other modalities, the opportunity of working with horses, mindfully walking through our Labyrinth or taking in the wonderful view of Pownal and Alexandra Bays.

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